The MLRA deliver education programs about mine rehabilitation

Declared Mine Rehabilitation Plan (DMRP)

Do you know what a Declared Mine Rehabilitation Plan (DMRP) is? Find out more

Mine Rehabilitation Vocabulary

The MLRA Vocabulary aims to provide a list of terms and their definitions as a guide about mine rehabilitation

MLRA Board

The MLRA Board is responsible for the governance, general policies and strategic direction of the Mine Land Rehabilitation Authority.

Mine Land Rehabilitation Authority LVMRA

What is the Mine Land Rehabilitation Authority?

The Mine Land Rehabilitation Authority (MLRA) is an independent authority working with community, industry and government. The MLRA facilitate the rehabilitation of declared mine sites to ensure they are safe, stable and sustainable for the beneficial use of future generations.

Engineer inspecting grass sampled from the soil around the Hazelwood mine

  “We facilitate equitable, informed mine rehabilitation outcomes for all.”

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What will the future look like for Victoria’s declared mines?

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