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Our Projects

Mine Land Rehabilitation Authority

Our Projects

Listed below are some of the projects that the Mine Land Rehabilitation Authority (MLRA) are leading or participating in.

Monitoring and evaluation framework

Under Clause 84AZC (1) of the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990, the Mine Land Rehabilitation Authority (the Authority) is required to establish a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (the Framework) for assessing the effectiveness of declared mine rehabilitation planning activities and the regional rehabilitation strategy.
This framework is currently under review as part of the MLRA broader business management system which is currently being implemented.. You can read more here
The new version of the framework will be launched in 2024.

Technical advice provision

The MLRA is involved in multiple technical projects including the current Hazelwood Rehabilitation Project Environment Effects Statement referral process. The MLRA are also undertaking reviews of licensee documentation as required, providing advice to the Minister for Energy and Resources as needed and communicating technical information to the broader community.

CRC-TiME, Cooperative Research Centre for Transformations in Mining Economies

The MLRA is a partner with CRC-TiME on a number of research projects.  CRC-TiME,  brings together mining and mining service companies, regional development organisations, State and Commonwealth governments and research partners to address complex challenges underpinning mine closure and relinquishment. The MLRA provides expert review and advice to ongoing projects, in addition to providing economic support to appropriate projects.

Gippsland Seed Bank Project

The MLRA is partnering with the Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation (GLaWAC) and local Gippsland nursery and ecological contractor Habitat Creations to establish a Gippsland Seed Bank crucial to ensuring the future demand for seeds to be planted on former mining land can be met using locally sourced and native flora to protect Gunaikurnai cultural land values.

Mine Rehabilitation Vocabulary

The MLRA has developed a reference document of key terms (and their definitions), used in mine rehabilitation. These terms include legislative, engagement and technical terms, with definitions agreed on by key stakeholders. The vocabulary is publicly available and updated as required.

Latrobe Valley Regional Rehabilitation Strategy (LVRRS)

The LVRRS is currently undergoing a review. The MLRA is working closely with the LVRRS team providing advice and direction on a number of key aspects.

Knowledge base development

The MLRA is undertaking projects to identify gaps and develop knowledge internally on subjects that will underpin the Authority’s monitoring and engagement role in years to come. These are topics such as how to fund monitoring of rehabilitated land, or how to implement  legislated objectives and requirements.

RMIT design studio

Along with Engie Hazelwood the MLRA collaborates with RMIT in delivering part of a landscape design module. Students are hosted in the Latrobe Valley, participating in site tours and community forums, with the goal of designing a hypothetical public lookout that incorporates social and physical aspects relevant to the region.

A Changing Landscape videos

The MLRA has developed a series of videos to provide information about mine rehabilitation. The second series will be released in June 2024.


The MLRA designs classroom resources and lesson plans which are aligned with curriculum and by subject area and year level. The relationships with education providers continued to be strengthened and lesson plans are being delivered in classrooms and in the field. 

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