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What is Mine Rehabilitation?

Mine Land Rehabilitation Authority

What is Mine Rehabilitation?

Mines in Victoria are required to undertake mine rehabilitation which leaves mined land safe, stable and sustainable, and available for ongoing land uses. Mine closure is the process to achieve mine rehabilitation. This process commences before mining starts, continues over the operational life of the mine and through into rehabilitation. Mines are inherently risky landscapes due to their physical and chemical characteristics and their interactions with the environment and humans. Rehabilitation needs to address these risks, while minimising burdens on future generations.

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Declared mines

What is a declared mine?

As defined in Victorian legislation, a declared mine is a mine that has geotechnical, hydrogeological, water quality or hydrological factors that may be deemed to pose significant risk of harm to the community, environment and infrastructure. The Minister for Resources may at any time choose to declare a mine according to these criteria.

Currently, there are three declared mines in Victoria; Hazelwood, Loy Yang and Yallourn.

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What will the future look like for Victoria’s declared mines?

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