Latrobe Valley Regional Rehabilitation Strategy

The Mine Land Rehabilitation Authority will monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and implementation of the Latrobe Valley Regional Rehabilitation Strategy (LVRRS).

The Strategy, prepared by the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR) and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), provides a blueprint to progress mine rehabilitation planning and activities and achieve safe, stable and sustainable landforms that support the next land use.

The Strategy is a Victorian government project in response to a recommendation by the 2015-16 Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry and will guide mine rehabilitation planning in the Latrobe Valley for years to come.

The Strategy is the culmination of four years of work which has included detailed technical studies, policy analysis and engagement with key stakeholders and the local community. This work has been independently overseen by the Latrobe Valley Mine Rehabilitation Commissioner who has been monitoring mine rehabilitation from June 2017 to 29 June 2020.

The Strategy aims to provide a framework in planning for the safe, stable and sustainable landform for the Latrobe Valley coal mine voids and surrounding areas, and provides further information on the:

  • regional risks that need to be considered and addressed in rehabilitation plans;
  • feasibility of supplying water if required for safe, stable and sustainable rehabilitation; and
  • possible future land uses for the rehabilitated sites in a regional context.

While geotechnical, water and land use studies underpin the LVRRS, the Strategy sets desired objectives and a clear pathway for decision-making to allow for the mine operators, community and government to agree the best rehabilitation plan for each mine in light of the circumstances at the time of rehabilitation, noting this may be decades into the future.

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