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Corinne Unger

Mine Land Rehabilitation Authority

Corinne Unger

Corinne Unger

Having studied geomorphology and climatology, Corinne’s career spans more than 30 years starting in soil conservation in New South Wales. Corinne’s expertise advanced into mine rehabilitation, closure and related research in Australia and overseas when she coordinated Energy Resources of Australia’s Ranger Mine rehabilitation and research program in the Northern Territory.

During this time, she undertook overseas study within Rheinbraun (now RWE) in the lignite mining region near Cologne, Germany, where she observed rehabilitation, post-mining land use and community resettlement processes. Next, Corinne applied her expertise to legacy mine management, developing a rehabilitation project for the Mount Morgan (historic) mine while employed by the Queensland government. Following this, Corinne consulted to industry, government and NGOs in mine rehabilitation and closure.

In 2009, Corinne won a Churchill Fellowship to study ‘leading practice abandoned mine rehabilitation and post-mining land use’ in Austria, Germany, UK and Canada. Corinne then joined the Centre for Mined Land Rehabilitation at The University of Queensland where she developed a jurisdictional maturity model for managing abandoned mines.

Corinne was inaugural chair of the Community and Environment Society of AusIMM in 2017 and was a recipient of an AusIMM Excellence Award in 2018. Corinne commenced her PhD in 2017 at The University of Queensland’s Business School studying organisational risk management.

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