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Webinar: Mine rehabilitation: an inter-generational process

Mine Land Rehabilitation Authority

Webinar: Mine rehabilitation: an inter-generational process

Join the Mine Land Rehabilitation Authority (MLRA) with David Salmon, MLRA CEO and Rhonda Hastie, Technical Advisor for an online webinar discussing the MLRA’s development over the past year, and the timeline for mine land rehabilitation.

Part I: How the MLRA has developed over the last year

Presenter: David Salmon, CEO.

David will provide an overview of the MLRA’s primary activities and achievements since its inception in June 2020 and will provide a brief outline of its future development. 

Part II: The timeline for mine land rehabilitation.

Presenter: Rhonda Hastie, Technical Advisor.

Rhonda will outline the likely timing and key phases of mine rehabilitation for the Latrobe Valley’s three brown coal mines and the factors that may affect their delivery timeframes. Mine rehabilitation is an inter-generational process that can take longer than a mine’s extraction phase.

A Q&A session will follow the presentations.

  • Date: Wednesday 28 July 2021
  • Time: 5:30pm – 6:30pm

About the MLRA

The MLRA is an independent body established on 30 June 2020 under amendments to the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990 (Vic), overseeing the implementation of the LVRRS by public sector bodies and mine licensees.

Learn more about the MLRA at:

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